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MedTech — IT solutions in the field of medicine

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PACS for quality control of blood samples
PACS allows you to automate the assessment of the compliance of a blood sample with the norms of the level of chylosis and hemolysis based on computer vision for software analysis of images in real time
Reduction of reagents and personnel costs
The use of technology both "on the conveyor" and "in manual mode"
The possibility of using the equipment in both large and small laboratories
Making a minimum number of changes to the work of laboratories
Advantages of the solution for laboratories:
Recognition of test tubes for the presence of hemolysis / chylosis of blood
Medical decision support system based on AI technologies
reducing the cost of maintaining patients in the hospital
improving the quality of medical care by reducing the overall incidence and reducing the number of exacerbations
reducing the number of medical errors
The software provides support for medical decision-making regarding the diagnosis of diseases and the choice of treatment tactics based on a comprehensive analysis of multimodal medical data, including laboratory, morphological and data of various types of CT, using AI technologies
Through the use of AI for the analysis of multimodal medical data, R&D contributes to solve such problems as:
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